Company profile - WHO WE ARE

Company profile - WHO WE ARE
We are a furniture producing company founded in 1972 by four artisans who, after a short but lucky interval of production of laminated kitchens and living rooms, has entered the field of the kids bedroom, a field that has launched the company in the whole Italy. The market share the company takes up is constantly increasing both in the internal (Italy) and the external sector, especially in the rest of Europe. The company is located in a blessed area, the so-named Romagna, where the proximity with the industrial furnitures district in Pesaro (about 50 km. Distance) and with the touristic seaside (12 km. Distance to Rimini) has certainly helped the production of bedrooms both for the Home furnitures and the Contract field.



The mission of the company, its final purpose, is the creation of kids bedrooms with poor materials (like melamine) but with a high design concept; giving, this way, the possibility to the final customer to provide his house with products that are part of the tradition of grand italian design but with a moderate price.


Mission Statement

Our current production line, named "ARCHIMEDE TRE", is the evolution of a hightly innovative product that, at the time of his presentation (1999), has revolutioned the market of kids bedrooms, setting itself at the maximum levels of stilistic neatness and design, the "state of the art" of the teenage bedroom.

"To live in our own space" is the motto that indicates the complete modularity, pliability and personalization that allows to feel the bedroom "ARCHIMEDE TRE" our own place to live.


Vision and Strategy

We have always paid particular attention to the ecological message that is part of our whole production.

The company:

    • Uses exclusively class E1 materials (with low formaldehide emission)
    • Has eliminated the use of PVC (toxic) in edging  of panels, replacing it with ABS boards (because, when in presence of an hypothetical combustion PVC delivers dioxin)

o        Has eliminated chemical varnish and introduced instead not-toxic water colours.



The partecipation at specialized Fairs, like the international Milano Fair (Salone del Mobile) and the contract-dedicated Sia Guest in Rimini, togheter with a complete paper and electronic documentation, allows our large quantity of products to become completely comprehensible and usable.


These are the trademarks of our product:

  • The thickness we use  is 20 mm. for the structure and doors - 30 mm.for tops and shelves.
  • The thickness of our composite bookcase units is always 30 mm., both in the wood and aluminium version.
  • Our drawers are equipped with slow motion soft-closing mechanism.
  • Large choice of bunk beds (loft beds-asymmetric beds-single bunk beds etc..).
  • Possibility (since the launch of the product in 1998) of inserting colored metacrilate or of using brand new materials such as the serigraphy.
  • Twenty-one water-based not-toxic varnishing colours.